Show me the money.

Itulah perbedaan bisnis dengan proyek sosial. Saya mendapati  memberikan saran yang keren untuk para pemula dalam startup dalam membangun bisnisnya dan tentang menyikapi kompetitor.

Aslinya agak panjang, tapi saya kutipkan ke bagian-bagian yang saya suka saja. Uraiannya simpel, tapi menyadarkan saya tentang makna profitable itu sejatinya seperti apa.

I think you should focus on ideas that, while smaller, can much more easily be made profitable.

if your company isn’t selling something, you have a project, not a product.

Build a “must have” product, not a disposable “nice-to-have” product.

If you want to increase your chances of early stage success with your first startup, you need to focus on building products that once your customer has started to use, they will be in pain if they have to get rid of your product.

The 10x Rule is that your product should deliver 10x more value than the price of your product.

The true key to startup success is to make a product so good that you alleviate your customer’s original pain point, and then make the idea of losing your product the new pain point.

Don’t try to capitalize on something trendy. Oftentimes the most boring niches and products are some of the most profitable.

The internet moves fast, you need to move with it but you still need to give your ideas an opportunity to grow.

Focus on selling your product for a profit.

Don’t build a product that’s value is dependent on something out of your control.

If the value of your product goes up and down based on the amount of participation from the community, you’re kinda fucked.

We all have weird hobbies, or backgrounds, or interests. Smash those together with your technical know how or design talents and build a niche targeted product.

There’s always room in any market for something simpler, faster, or more beautiful.

Look at what your competitors are doing and if it makes sense to add to your product, do it better than they did. Make it sexier, make it simpler. Make your customers go “Yeah, well competitor has that too, but these guys do it so much better.”


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