Balita pun Hafal Al-Qur’an Premium Edition



Balita pun Hafal Al-Qur’an, an islamic book about memorizing Qur’an, written by Ustadz Salafuddin Abu Sayyid, will be reprinted under new title: Premium Edition. And the good news is, the chosen editor is me. Yes, it’s me. FYI, the editor before was Mas Kamil.

One of the story in this book is about Dr. Kamil Laboudi family. Dr Kamil, his wife, and his children: Tabarak, Yazid and Zaina, are all huffazh. Subhanallah. Their struggle, strategy, patience, and awesome life story on how to make quranic family is presented in this book. And alhamdulillah, I met and talked with them when they had a roadshow with Syaikh Ali Jabeer in Klaten and Solo. A very good and memorable moment.

After sold more than 10,000 copies, 30 workshops, and stamped with National Best Seller Book, Ustadz Salaf wanted to make this book more classy—with good content, of course, and also good visual. The visual design of the previous book did not satisfy Ustadz Salaf. So, I think it’s a good idea to change the design so the book will be more powerful in the next edition.

So, here is the challenge for me, making the content more epic and emotional and delivering visual that supports the content. So, the goal is how to make the reader cry and then move their heart to make their children, or to make themselves to become a hafizhul qur’an.

I went to Ma’had Tahfizhul Qur’an Isy Karima, Karanganyar, just to take pictures of the students. I wanted to catch the emotion from asatidz and the students when they were memorizing qur’an, doing halaqah, talaqqi, talqin, etc. I wanted to make use of the original pictures in this book. I also had a great discussion with the graphic designer about how to make the layout more emotional.

I hope I can accomplish this challenge very well. Balita pun Hafal Al-Qur’an Premium Edition will be released next month. Insya Allah. 😉


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