Before you think about hiring your next full time employee, consider the crowd.  Are there people who could solve a problem for you, for less?  That’s the beauty of crowdsourcing. You can farm out your work to people all over the world, and often only pay the one whose work you like best.  At times you can pay on a per project basis, rather than taking someone on board full-time.

Jeff Hoffman


From the first time, the concept of crowdsourcing always bothering me. When Threadless released this model years ago, there is only one reaction from me, “Oh, man! This site is so genius!” Then I knew, 99design, Odesk, TopCoder, CrowdSpring, CrowdSource, Quirky, GiveForward, and many startup from Indonesia like GantiBaju also Sribu, used this model to grow their company too.

Internet makes everything so easy. We can release our creative project as fast as possible. Also, we can reach many potential talents as much as we want, to help our company fly higher.

Last night, Mas Andy, the owner, invited me to visit his new restaurant, a Korean restaurant, Michigo. In our language, it means ‘awesome!’. The name itself matched with the concept of this restaurant: beautiful-clean interior design, delicious food, cozy place, and the unique concept of service.

You have to come by yourself to know how customer experience is so pampered there.

But, for me, that’s not only the best thing. It’s about the crowd. Today, just to make a good restaurant is not enough. Everyone is now profiling before go to a new restaurant: how delicious the food, how cozy the place, how friendly the service, and many things.

Mas Andy said that he has special online branding team. It made me stunned for a while. It means, he prepared everything to make this “2-months ago restaurant” became bigger, famous, and absolutely viral. FYI, the new branch will be opened in Ambarukmo Plaza and Singapore.

This is what I always said, that a man with a great vision always can conquer the world. For business, it becomes … can conquer the heart of crowd.


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