101 Young CEO by @ilmanakbar

I’ve made the concept for this book a long time ago. My basic idea was so simple: what if I collect 101 Indonesian young CEO? It will be awesome, because every single of them always has a different and powerful success story to tell. And that’s what I want to deliver to the readers, that everyone can be their own path to success.

It was not easy to find a capable person to write about this topic. Things changed when I asked Mas Lahandi Baskoro from KASKUS. He then recommended his several friends. Thanks Mas Lahandi, you’re awesome! 

At first, my choice was @AdezAulia, but Mas Adez had no time to write about this topic because he was too busy at that time. Then, my second choice was @ilmanakbar. After I stalked his blog, biography, and all information about him, I offered this book concept to him. And alhamdulilah, he was very excited, because that was what he had dreamt about: making an inspiring book about creativepreneurship. A beautiful fate, I think.

Actually, it is Ilman’s first book. So, guiding him about the way how to make a good book was not easy. Besides, after three months of writing, he lost his spirit to finish the book. I decided to go to Jakarta to have a further discussion about the best way how to get the book done ASAP (an idea sprang in my head. I invited him to come to Solo and asked him to stay at Hotel Dana for three days just to write this book. And alhamdulillah, it worked).

After the script was done, another problem occurred regarding the best design for this book. Alhamdulillah, my manager asked @wendyarief, the graphic designer, to be my partner to handle this book. So, here is the result. Pond-effect on the cover, vintage style font, and minimalist design make this book look adorable. The red color of this book reflects the spirit of Indonesian young entrepreneur, while the white color reflects the holy vision of every single entrepreneur in this book to make the world better.

Don’t forget to visit what people said about this book here

Hope you like it. It was such a long journey just to make this beautiful book like this. Give your loudest applause for the team, and happy hunting at the bookstore!

IMG_20130827_090143 IMG_20130827_090225 IMG_20130827_090308 IMG_20130827_090354

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