My Passion My Career by

It’s a beautiful book for you who are still dizzy about what you want in your career and life. Written by and Mbak Andin Andiyasari (@andin_a) feat Mbak Ardiningtiyas Pitaloka (@ardiningtiyasp) worked as a team to write this book. If you are excited with Rene Suhardono’s book, Your Job Is Not Your Career, I guarantee you will love this book more, because it has more complete and powerful content.

I and @wendyarief had beautiful fights in creativity to make this book look awesome. Besides as an editor, I also acted as a creative director for this book. And @wendyarief acted as a graphic designer who helped to make my concept come true. Thanks broda, we are really a killer team! Ahahaha. The good news is Mbak Andin and Mbak Tiyas agreed with my visual concept for the book. And the result, you can find out on the bookstores. And…. the best part of this book is we give you cute gimmick in the cover flap. What is it? Find it by yourself, my readers! Ehehehe.

Happy hunting!

IMG_20130827_084051 IMG_20130827_083815 IMG_20130827_083837 IMG_20130827_083925 IMG_20130827_084004

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