At Pasar Triwindu, Solo

Someday, use your spare time to visit this Michael J Fox market. Ahaha. I mean, you can back to the past. So much old school-vintage stuff here. And the best part is, even I lived in Solo more than five years, it was my first time to visit this market. And it became more special because I visited it with Mbak Alberthiene Endah and her husband.

Mbak AE bought so many things for her home decorations. She and her husband love antique stuff so much, and this market is the right place for her. And the funniest moment was when we came to JNE and tried to send the stuff. JNE refused to send just because lots of the stuff were made of glass.

Okay, that’s it, enjoy the pictures, my readers.


IMG_20130819_082331 IMG_20130819_082404 IMG_20130819_082647 IMG_20130819_082714 IMG_20130819_083042 IMG_20130819_083112 IMG_20130819_083257 IMG_20130819_083308 IMG_20130819_083316 IMG_20130819_083325 IMG_20130819_083339 IMG_20130819_083351 IMG_20130819_083526 IMG_20130819_083530 IMG_20130819_083551 IMG_20130819_083604 IMG_20130819_083626 IMG_20130819_084712

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