Dreaming Big isn’t Awesome

Dreaming big isn’t cool. Yeah, when you’re dreaming big, and with smaller ambition at the same time, it will ultimately detrimentals your life, and you will stumble in the cliff and don’t know how to jump into the sea. So, that’s is not cool!

Sometime, dreaming big isn’t the answer for your life. The good one is when you have a great vision. Great vision will lead you into the happines. But dreaming big, will lead you into hard work to pursue that dream.

So, what’s the solution?

Have a great vision to make a big dream. But at the same time, make a small dream that really-really enough to your life now is more important than big dream, but you don’t feel happy now. Dreaming big isn’t the answer to every crisis. Maybe dreaming smaller—to know what is truly enough for you, is equally important.

So, in here, we really-really know what’s the difference between NEED and WANT.



  1. how about this analogy “big dream as a vision and smaller dreams as missions”? both of them are important in our life.
    hhmm…what’s the difference between need and want?

    1. try to make analogy or great wisdom by yourself, just really-really by yourself, based on your milestone’s life, it will work for you. 😉

      not every WANT, really-really what we need. do less, achieve more. like when you go to supermarket. don’t fixated goods that you don’t have to have it.

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